Interactive Charts for Food Nerds

A friend of mine just shared a pretty neat link with me. For anyone who has an interest in food systems world wide AND a love for online interactive charts – this is pretty cool!

Oxfam has published their Global Food Index, a “snapshot of 125 countries showing the best and worst places in the world to eat, and the challenges people face in getting enough of the right food.”

Here’s a glimpse of the overall country rankings:

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 8.06.35 PM

What’s cool is that you can also sort the countries by which have enough to eat, food affordability, quality, and obesity/diabetes rates. The data is pretty interesting and I like that you can see it all in a glance. Click on a country’s icon, and you get a specific look at those country’s rankings.

The work of Oxfam is fairly well known, but among other things, one of their primary objectives is improving food systems globally. They’re committed to helping farmers get fair prices for their produce, advocate for trade policy that lifts people out of poverty, and support women’s labor rights – all of which are fantastic reasons to support them. They also campaign for a sustainable food system that will be able to feed the world’s 9 billion people by 2050. (And that’s just food. They also work on water, health, education, poverty, development, and climate change. Can I get an amen?!)

On a related note, the United Nations has a pilot page called the FAOSTAT (Food and Agriculture Organization Statistics) where they’ve published all kinds of global data on food production, trade, agri-environmental indicators, and more. The site is a little more difficult to maneuver, but it can tell you a great deal more, and can compare specific industry data between countries. I encourage you to check it out (I usually start with the “Browse Data” tab).

Happy data-browsing, foodies of the world!


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