About Kathleen

Hello! I’m Kathleen. I’m a writer, a photographer, and above all, a foodie. I’m interested in sustainable living and local eating. I am here to continue learning and sharing what I know about the politics and the policies of the food industry, nutrition and poverty, the economics of food, and environmental and agricultural sustainability. Thanks for joining me! And please, don’t be shy – leave a comment, a question, or an interesting bit of food news. Let’s start a conversation.


2 thoughts on “About Kathleen

  1. Hi Kathleen,
    My name is Kyak Kenneth and I am from Southwest Michigan. I live outside Paw Paw, about 20 miles east of Bonamego Farms which I noticed you visited last year and about 50 miles south of the Hopkins Manure Spill that you also addressed in a recent article. I’m guessing we are almost neighbors. I am involved with Two Rivers Coalition concerning stewardship and education and look forward to following your blog. I am a kayaker and lead about 40 – 50 paddle events a year. If you would like to explore the world from a creek or river, you are welcome to join us on one of our paddle events.
    Kyak Kenneth

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